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Welcome to Mike's Place
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 Welcome to my personal web site!

    My name is Mike Cannon.  I am an electronic technician living and working in the beautiful valley of Las Vegas, Nevada.  I am also dabble in website design and as such I have created a personal web presence.  I hope you find this site interesting and informative.

    First, a little background about myself:  
 I was born on Christmas Day, 1962; in Duluth Minnesota.
Now I am not saying that it is too cold in Minnesota, but I have been told that on the day I was born, a building fire actually froze in Duluth. Knowing how much I like the cold, you can imagine why I have never returned to my birthplace.  I graduated in 1981 from Woodburn High School, Woodburn, Oregon and I am pleased to be hosting some pages on my site dedicated to our 20 Year Class Reunion

    I now live in the warm city of Las Vegas, Nevada.
Actually I live in the city of Henderson, a Las Vegas suburb; but considering the growth of the Vegas Valley lately, you can hardly tell the difference between the two cities. Of course, that doesn't take into account the serious attitude most people who have lived in Henderson for any length of time have that we have the much nicer city than our neighbors down Boulder Highway in the City of Lights.

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